ODM2 Schemas
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ODM2AnnotationsAnnotations are used to add comments or qualifiers to entity instances in ODM2.
ODM2CoreThe core of ODM2. Every ODM2 instance will implement the Core.
ODM2CVControlled vocabularies for ODM2.
ODM2DataQualityEntities and attributes related to data quality.
ODM2EquipmentEntities and attributes of equipment used to make observations (e.g., sensors and instruments).
ODM2ExtensionPropertiesA general extensibility mechanism for any entity/object/table in ODM2.
ODM2ExternalIdentifiersEntities and attributes for linking ODM2 entities (e.g., Sites, Methods, etc.) to external identifier systems.
ODM2LabAnalysesInformation about samples and laboratory analyses for ex-situ data.
ODM2ProvenanceEntities and attributes for creating and storing provenance information and versions of observations in ODM2.
ODM2ResultsThe resulting values of observations in ODM2.
ODM2SamplingFeaturesInformation about sampling features, including sites and specimens.